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The Blueprint for Beyond: True Spiritual Power

The Blueprint for Beyond: True Spiritual Power The Wisdom Keepers through Jennifer Kolikoff

Dearest children of God, we thank you for inviting us into your space and for allowing us to be with you at this auspicious place in your human history. We are the Wisdom Keepers of the holiest of the holies, and we come forth now to help light your way forward into the energies that are available to you on the Earth plane. This is not new information — that there are heightened and expanded energies working here and that your physical vehicles can hold and process higher vibrational states of being. This is wonderful news, and it goes hand in hand with the rapid changes in human consciousness and evolvement as a whole.

You might look around at events taking place in your world and say that you do not see this to be the case; however, we wish to assure you that from our vantage point tremendous change has occurred and will continue. We tell you that this is not just happening on your Earth plane, for your evolution is reflected within the evolution of many places and dimensions well beyond your universe in the third and fourth dimensions as you know them.

Our intent in this message is, of course, not to reiterate what you already know to be true. Rather, we wish to assist you in learning to expand yourselves into, and start to create in concert with, these higher-vibrational and expanded-dimensional energies. Beginning to clearly understand where you are now in your individual places of consciousness and learning to expand and grow further is the work of 2016. The year 2015 was about letting go of the old energies to set the space for a new foundation of expansion into new energies. This year is about creating this foundation of consciousness within a new paradigm on the Earth plane, and it also is about expansion into greater levels of conscious awareness.