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Be Alert to Business as Usual from the Powerful Elite

Be Alert to Business as Usual from the Powerful Elite Lynn Buess

This is a moment in history that will be an important barometer of either higher evolution and spiritual uptake or further descent into a dark and disastrous course of action. Things could get entirely out of control unless reason and a new enlightenment start to permeate the circles of leadership worldwide. War cries grow louder, and global manipulators scurry to make it happen so as to maintain their illusionary place of power.

The so-called money wars also rev up as those who have had most of the wealth try to keep the central banking system alive. The attempt to bankrupt BRIC nations and alliances with reduction of oil prices continues to wreak havoc with the old, established money exchange markets. This especially includes those nations that are tied into the increasingly rejected U.S. Federal Reserve notes. This is a crucial time to keep an eye on stock-market holdings and monetary investments.

A careful eye on events surrounding Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Syria will reveal much about possible coming global instability. This kind of cycle is one in which a rogue nation could rise up and strike out with some form of attack on hated enemies. The presidential race turns quirky with a combination of bizarre and business as usual by the inner-circle select.