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Atlantean Secrets to Support Ascension

Atlantean Secrets to Support Ascension Nara Merlyn through Natalie Glasson

Greetings to all lightbeings on Earth, especially those who incarnated into the period of Atlantis and are present continuing the true purpose of Atlantis at this brilliant time of ascension. You have been a constant glowing beacon of light throughout so many of the major stages of Earth’s ascension, and you are in service bringing light to all areas of Earth, however long the planet takes to transform. I honor you for being on Earth now. Please know that the growth and wisdom you gain from your current lifetime is immense and will accelerate so many beautiful experiences on the inner planes once your service on Earth is complete.

I wish to invite you to recognize within you your love for Mother Earth and to further cultivate it daily. This simple process allows you to fulfill your purpose on Earth, letting your healing vibrations flow as well as grounding you into the beauty of Mother Earth. In my lifetime in Atlantis, I realized a very beautiful understanding that to me seems like the secret of Earth: If you love Mother Earth, then expressing and sharing your love daily not only enhances your connection with Mother Earth to understand the ascension shifts taking place but also allows all forms of illusion to fall away. When you love Mother Earth unconditionally, it is akin to an activation taking place within you that helps you see beyond and through the illusions of Earth and then access a higher consciousness of clarity and truth. It’s such a simple yet valuable process that allows you to take responsibility for your spiritual and physical reality, further guiding others.

I hope you will experiment with what I have shared, as it is immensely powerful. There are so many keys and activations available within you when you allow your soul and intuition to guide you.