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Akashic Answers: Ancient Connections

Akashic Answers: Ancient Connections Amanda Romania

Dear Amanda,

I saw that you often visit Egypt, and for the past few months, I have been connecting to an Egyptian deity called Thoth. He visits me in meditation, and every time I look at pictures of Egypt, he seems to be the statues or images that I am drawn to. What is the purpose of this, and how can I use this for my spiritual growth and truth without my ego and self-doubt getting in the way?

— Celeste, Washington State

Dear Celeste: I can see from your records that you have a strong recorded lineage in the akashic connected to the high priest Thoth from Atlantis and that you reincarnated during his time of ancient Egypt. Often we follow certain masters for our spiritual education and growth.

During 2016, many are revisiting the Atlantean timeline in which they completed many initiations. People are seeking to fulfill their earthly karmic journey to move to a higher place of energy or to a place in the universe that resonates to this higher energy of consciousness.