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Take Responsibility for Your Longevity

Take Responsibility for Your Longevity Virginia Ellen

An orbit is something that moves upward and travels in a circular motion. As it begins its upward movement or ascension, it becomes a spiral advancing to higher levels of vibration through a series of cyclical movements. The cycle of rejuvenation is moving back to the starting point.

At first, the spiral is a wheel or circle, which is also known as the wheel of karma. We go round and round in the same belief systems and attitudes, holding on to the same emotions. The wheel of karma is wide and rotates at the speed of the vibration of thought it holds. For instance, if we are filled with thoughts of punishment, getting even, making others pay, sin, and so forth (which are based on anger, guilt, and fear), we will have a very slow movement to our wheel (or spin) of karma.

As we deeply feel and choose to forgive, understand, and surrender, we begin to evolve and the vibration speeds up. We move off the wheel of karma, and the cycle of rejuvenation begins. This is the scientific formula to accomplish getting off the wheel of karma and to begin to move in an orbit of upward energy.