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Gain Clarity by Slowing Down

Gain Clarity by Slowing Down Donna Taylor

May begins with a full moon on the fourth. This brings the opportunity to strip away veils of confusion and uncertainty and helps facilitate awareness. Since this full moon involves Jupiter, we can expect this to be an easier time than normal to download wisdom and insights that will help us on our paths. Many people will receive a sense of clarity about a previously confusing issue. We may, however, have to put some effort in to opening our lives up to divine wisdom, since running concurrently with this full moon is a T-square involving Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune. This latter combination is associated with hidden facts, so it will be interesting to see whether previously concealed information or lies are exposed. Either way, the first week of May looks to be an interesting time in terms of knowledge, information, and communication. To move in alignment with the planets this week, we should strive for honesty even if it means facing up to failure and admitting our weaknesses or mistakes.

Use Your Energy Better

As Mercury moves away from Saturn’s hard glare, Mars steps in and takes Mercury’s place. Whereas before weaknesses in communication and information might have been exposed, now Saturn challenges Mars to ask whether he’s using his strength and warrior energy in the correct way. Chances are you may feel blocked or thwarted in some way during the second week of May. This is your test, your challenge, as Saturn asks whether you are channeling your energy in the right way. Since Mars is in Gemini, those born under the sign of the Twins will feel Saturn’s opposition most strongly, so the Geminis need to slow down and pause to see whether they are actually heading in the right direction or if there is a better use of their energies.

Sometimes Saturn tests us to see whether we are truly serious about our commitments, so we may face blocks or challenges to test the worthiness of our intentions. Trying to force anything under this difficult vibration will be counterproductive, so if you are sure you’re heading down the right road, you simply need to apply patience and perseverance and accept that things happen when the time is right.