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You Are the Platform for God's Expression Here on Earth

You Are the Platform for God's Expression Here on Earth Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al through Arthur Fanning

We're here.


As we proceed in this process of ones becoming more aware of their own power within themselves and the oneness of all things, the initial feeling, as you begin to incorporate higher forces, is the feeling of an interference, an interception, or a protrusion to get you to go into another direction. The interior portion of yourself is into that learning, the learning of this interference, the noticing of it, the awareness of it — not to be caught in it, but to set it aside and put it in the proper column. We're going to say "column," like columns of light. Put it over here into this side in a column, and put this other interference into this side in a column.

You say to yourself later as you're adjusting, "We'll deal with you later," because you're picking up thoughts in space that haven't — we'll say it this way: Thoughts have a desire, and as they float in the river of consciousness to be manifested, the thought itself has a desire for manifestation. It's what it is. It wants to land and to feel what it is as a thought. It only knows that with the manifestation process complete; otherwise, there's a desire and frustration there.