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You Are Moving toward a Third-Wave Economy

You Are Moving toward a Third-Wave Economy Elrah and eM through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am Elrah of rhythmic service. I had to come in and at least smile on this beautiful group of people. You know who you are because we have been working on it for quite a while. Let me tell you something: You have set the bar a little bit higher on planet Earth than it ever was before.

A lot of you are having difficulties and struggling with your old belief systems because you have already moved into the New Earth. You just keep thinking you are here in the old Earth, so you are trying on the old ideas over and over again. But you are bright beings, and you are going to catch on here pretty quickly. So do not worry too much about it.

I am going to bring in eM in just a minute, because it is easier for you to understand him. You have difficulty hearing my voice because of the rhythms, for that is how I speak to you. Dear ones, please know that we work with you from Home all the time but only when you ask. You are on the planet of free choice, so nobody interferes with you, and we are always here. When you open up and say, "Come on in! Let us see if Spirit is there," or when you acknowledge Home, we are right there. We tap you on the shoulder, smile in your face, and sometimes we work with you at night while you are sleeping, because you are the greatest angels who have ever lived anywhere.