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You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be

You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be The Anointed Ones and Archangel Metatron through Thelma Bodnar

My dear ones, it is with utmost love that we come to you today. We honor your diligence in applying a piece of your life here to assist in furthering the ascension process for everyone on the planet. We hold you in highest esteem and hope that you would do the same for yourselves.

It is a natural process, this channeling of our guidance to you. Never before has everything been in such alignment to easily communicate with you. Have you felt the change? Have you noticed the shift in your vibration? It may only seem like a minor change, but we want you to know that it has been, and will continue to be, monumental.

It is especially important for you to take care of your body at this time, as your DNA is being "tweaked," as you would say. You are going to be full-speed-ahead before you know it. Realize that your body is a temple wherein resides the particulars necessary for you to continue with your divine purpose here. You are rediscovering secrets held within, and as we describe it as being within your body, the sacred chakras of your being are vividly shown to reside there. You are well aware that the integral parts of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual essences of who you are are being encapsulated within your being, which at this time is said to be within the physical body you walk around in. This too shall pass at the appointed time, and all will still be intact — less the physical aliveness of the body. All is as it should be. All is existing in perfect harmony with All That Is.