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Wrinkles in the Fabric of Time

Wrinkles in the Fabric of Time Andaba through Abby Isadora Haydon

We have come to talk to you about the changes in your experience of time. This phenomenon is now going on in your solar system. As many of you may have noticed, time as you know it is beginning to change. You may think of time as a fabric that has many layers woven within it. Many of you have come to realize that time is not linear. Time is really a weave of past, present, and future all superimposed upon each other.

On this planet, many of you have not been able to comprehend this idea since your physical form does not have the capabilities to perceive time in its true state. You are not able to conceive or perceive time as it really exists.

This is the case with many different species in many different solar systems and galaxies. Your vehicle of manifestation (your physical body) is just not able to experience on the conscious level, or to your conscious mind, all that exists in terms of time and what it can do. We did not come here today to taunt you about that which you cannot understand or perceive. We have come here to talk of the changes in the experience of time that will soon be affecting humans here — if it is not already happening.