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Straddling the Energetic Reality by Reinventing Your Definitions of Love

Straddling the Energetic Reality by Reinventing Your Definitions of Love The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We wish to start with bringing through the energetics that are shifting at this time to allow for a more feminine expression, for the energetics of this time are calling for the balancing of the feminine and the ideals of feminine expression. More so than before, at this time, many of you may feel a heightened sensitivity to others' behaviors and attitudes around feminine expression. You may be feeling more sensitive and attuned to loving expression and how others are expressing love. You are attuned to and looking for the feminine expression of love. And even for those in relationship with the masculine, the masculine is being called, enchanted, lured, and seduced to the feminine way of being and doing. This is a key strategy for straddling being an earthly being while being an energetic being.

If you could put it into context, being masculine is what you do in your physical expression of self. If we were to compare above and below, below would be masculine and above would be feminine.

All humans, regardless of gender, are being called on now to bring in more and to express more of the feminine. This is the calling of the Mary Magdalene/Mother Mary feminine expression that is now being heightened in 2014. Some of you will feel it as an emotional sadness, longing for the feminine to be honored and recognized for her glory, beauty, and power. Some of you will feel this as a softening of your heart and your expression. You are all evolving into the level of love that is loving others even if they are not responding to the feminine call of expression at this time.