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A Refreshing Change

A Refreshing Change Donna Taylor

Like the aftershock of an earthquake, the effects of the recent grand cross may continue to reverberate in the early part of May, even though on the whole, life for many people should be settling down. Indeed, May has many reasons for us to feel positive and optimistic, which I will come to presently. The first week, though, still has a potentially volatile edge to it as the Moon reactivates the grand cross, inciting volatile and exaggerated emotions. You may want to think twice before reacting to something that pushes your buttons. This is particularly important around May 4. Try connecting to your God center to access your compassion and wisdom. Sometimes when I'm in a difficult situation, I ask myself, "How would Jesus deal with this?" That can be a good way to access the Christ consciousness within that helps us to make the right choice.

The second week is a mixed bag with a serious full moon aligned with Saturn at odds with the quirky, lighthearted Venus-Uranus conjunction. This is particularly good news for the Aries folk who may not have had the easiest time, and the Librans and Aquarians are also set to benefit from this lively connection in the sky. This planetary alignment is one of refreshing change, so the aforementioned signs are especially likely to witness something that livens up their week. Everyone will have this pair somewhere in their charts, so by looking at your forecasts, you'll get an idea of which area of your life is likely to see a positive change.

It would be advisable to adjust your antenna so that you're more open and receptive to change, inspiration, and new thoughts and ideas. Allow yourself to be challenged, and try not to stick doggedly to your own habits and beliefs. There are always other ways of seeing things, and it's this newness that Uranus and Venus would like us to experience. This is particularly relevant for relationships, so if any union has become a little stale, why not invite the stimulating and exciting vibes of Uranus and Venus to breathe new life into it? It may be time, for example, to see your partner in a new way. It's easy to take people close to us for granted, but that doesn't make for happy unions, and we need to remember that the people in our lives are going through their own stuff, even if we forget that.