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Meditation into the Cosmos

Meditation into the Cosmos Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Hello everyone, this is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. Today, I want to take all of you on a quick revisit to the womb of the Divine Mother, as given in our last communication [April 2014 Sedona Journal of Emergence!]. So here is what I want all of you to do. Find a place to sit quietly and undisturbed, and we will take a little journey again to that most sacred of all sacred places: the inner court of the womb of the Divine Mother.

Find yourself again sitting within the deep, dark, velvety courtyard of divine peace and bliss, remembering to breathe in the Goddess, mother of all. And as you step back into that most holy of holies, I want you to start to observe your breath and do a quick outbreath. So take in a deep breath, and then do a quick exhale out. "Haaaa" as you do.

Breathe in deeply but slowly so as not to make yourself dizzy. Enter the still point of that breath, then suddenly and forcefully (but quietly) exhale, "haaaa." Pause for a few seconds, feeling the repose, then repeat the process for about five to ten minutes, whichever you prefer. This will take you fairly quickly to a deep and soothing alpha state in the brain.