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The Lost Science of Prayer

The Lost Science of Prayer the Radiant one through Virginia Ellen

When Jesus became part of my daily life, he taught me a new form of prayer: sacred heart yoga. Jesus called this new form of prayer sacred heart prayer. I began to feel the radiance of a living, pulsating energy within my cells. This created a greater connection with my divinity, and my faith began to grow.

I began to have a direct experience of the truth: "I am within God and God is within me." Jesus explained to me that this way of praying had not been delivered to the people as he had intended. Somehow the church had left out the most important aspects of the prayer, the aspects of the prayer that give radiant life and real radiant power to the prayer. This sacred heart prayer is a mystical form of prayer that leads you into the mysteries of the sacred heart.

If you base your life on this form of prayer, your life becomes a prayer. You will begin to face each challenge with grace as you bring your challenges to the sacred self, surrendering them. As you surrender your challenges one by one, the loving kindness of the indwelling presence will begin to transform them and bring you the wisdom and guidance to create a new life experience. The sacred heart of God lies right within your heart chamber. It is filled with holy wisdom to guide you through all your earthly challenges.