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How Angels Aid Humans on Earth

How Angels Aid Humans on Earth All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

As it stands, there are now at least 7,546,000,000 human souls alive today on your home, your planet Earth, as you read this page. We say "at least" because at any given moment, there is a two- to three-person fluctuation due to birth and death. We do address that some agencies report erroneously that there are approximately 7,147,000,000 souls alive on Earth; they are mistaken. Additionally, we add here that there are 780,000,000,000,000,000,000,874 other encasement forms with spirits or souls on your planet. These include animals, plants, rocks, crystals, and other forms.

Each of you in human form has a certain number of angels. The word "angel" is derived from the Greek word archo, which means to be first in rank. Yet understand that they are not ranked above you in any way; they only have different form and capabilities. Further, the word archo is attached to the Greek word angelos, which means messenger or envoy. We have informed you previously that they are indeed messengers for man- and womankind. They are the ones who guard you and protect you. Still, there is another number of angels who assist you in your daily lives and still another number who only are around you during times of turmoil and emergencies. Additionally, there is a number of angels who whisper to you during times of important personal decisions.

We will give you a glimpse into the angelic realm. Because the total number of angels is innumerable, we only give you a number that you can understand for your personal being. Keep in mind that the numbers we are providing here apply to one individual human being. With this being stated, each of you has 777,777,777 angels who guard over your very being. You can call them seraphim if you like, yet know that they have no physical form. Therefore, they are nothing like you have been told. All of that is from the minds of humans.