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Guides Are Available to Aid Your Ascension

Guides Are Available to Aid Your Ascension Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During your month of May 2014, the integral kingdom will be communicating with those members of the human kingdom who have chosen to become facilitators in Earth changes and shifts taking place on planet Earth and all who reside upon it. We Hathors and Seshatas (the cougar, the mountain lion, the lioness, and the spotted leopard) will offer our guidance, wisdom, and inspiration for those desiring a relationship with us.

Myriad portals, gateways, and pathways between times, spaces, and dimensions will open and close off and on during this calendar month. Panden, Osiris, Geb (Earth's Egyptian soul spirit), Gaia, Isis (Hathor), and Bastet (the feminine Earth wisdom) will come together to share their visions for future connection, communication, and collaboration as Earth and the human kingdom are reshaped on the potter's wheel at this pivotal destiny point. Ptah (also called the Blue Star being) will come forth from the creator kingdom to share what will take place in this reshaping, appearing in the cat being form of a snow leopard. His consort, Sekhmet, who shapes and reshapes humanity, will be present to oversee the release of fears and trauma within the human kingdom and facilitate healing through herbs, vibrational energies, and sound.

Sekhmet presents herself as a black panther, black leopard, or black jaguar, signaling her knowledge of deeply hidden mysteries and her shape-shifting abilities all expressed with a goal of wholeness. At times, Sekhmet is known to appear in a golden form, looking much like the temple carvings of Hathor smiling. But she shifts from dark to light depending on the work she is facilitating. The temple at the Precinct of Mut in Luxor, Egypt (built to honor these rebirthing energies whose excavation has been ongoing for the past twenty-eight years), will be open to the public soon for visitation. The personal activation of these energies within each individual and the planet as a whole is facilitated by visiting the site in dream time, meditation, or a physical trip to Egypt.