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A Geologist's Interest in Living Stone

A Geologist's Interest in Living Stone Pleiadian Geologist through Robert Shapiro

All right, I'm here.

Welcome. Tell me about yourself first.

Well, I suppose if you were in the vicinity, you would notice a couple of things about me. Normally, we don't like to say it, but I've been allowed. I am the color blue.


I have a fairly long tail. I am a humanoid. That's all I'll say for now. I wear clothes as you do. You'll have to ask specific questions. I've heard you say that. You say, "Tell me about yourself." You see, that's not something we do in our societies, and it's not unusual in my travels to notice that nobody does that. They don't tell you about themselves. That is something you do because the unknown with the desire to know is typical to your planet for human beings.

The point is that when you meet someone, that being can see you. I can't see you.