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Follow Your Soul Vision

Follow Your Soul Vision Simion through Amariah Mara

When you follow the guidance of your soul, you will be able to re-create a self that reflects your source energy and adds to creation with inner purpose. The art of listening to your soul's guidance will aid you in creating a new self in a new world. Tapping into this inner power requires you to let go of all the fears and beliefs that prevent you from envisioning a new self with enhanced perceptions. Once your soul follows the enlightened path, its ability to create with conscious intention will continue to develop in connection with a universal consciousness. Matter will be manipulated on an atomic level by connecting to the elemental consciousness that is the fundamental building material of All That Is. Knowledge and advancements will be possible by connecting on an energy level with the building blocks of creation through the use of conscious awareness.

Within your soul's chosen sphere of speciality, you will be able to have an impact on your world in ways you never thought possible. Flowing through creation at the soul consciousness level allows for accelerated manifestations. Thus, a considerable amount of focus will be necessary to have the desired results. If individual desires are out of sync and go astray from the intentions of the whole, then adjustments will need to be made rapidly by shifting or fine-tuning the vision. Again, the more connected the intentions are to a finer vibration that benefits the whole, the faster they will materialize. Generally, the higher the vibrational frequency, the more unified the soul group will be and, consequently, the more rapid the results.

Ego Resistance

The less resistance you feel in your consciousness, the easier the flow of your creation will be. When resistance is felt, it is usually lower-frequency interference. When you feel resistance in your personal life, you are fighting an aspect of your ego. In order to fight it, you need to resist its inclinations and find the path where your soul knows to go. There, it will have no need for resistance, as it will be flowing in a synchronized wave. There is irony in the fact that you must resist when you feel resistance so that you have no resistance to resist. Only your soul can find the path of least resistance that will not create a resistance that ultimately blocks the intended creation. Your ego will sometimes follow a path that it thinks is the one of least resistance, only to find that you have actually created more resistance in the long run. Again, your soul will come from an intention for connection to your source, whereas your ego will come from a desire for personal gain that is superficial and temporary.