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Expansion of the Soul of Gaia: Birth of the New Light of Earth

Expansion of the Soul of Gaia: Birth of the New Light of Earth Mother Gaia through Judith K. Moore

My soul has expanded. My soul now has more light than it's ever had since my creation. Everything that you see in the world is part of my living body. My soul journey is the journey of life on Earth. I am the mother of life, of all that lives upon the earth. My soul journey is one of great love and compassion, as I am a mother of creation. As creation expands, my soul and the essence of the power of creation that lives within my womb receives the power of creation, as creation itself is capable now of carrying more light, of emanating more oneness. The power of this light of creation, as creation expands to the ninth from the eighth creation, is the place of completion of the oneness. Creation is experiencing a completion of the oneness. The power of the birth of life lives within my womb and my soul, for I am a mirror of love of all of creation.

Anywhere within creation that has not been able to experience the light of eternal oneness is mirrored in my consciousness in all that is evolving and happening on this planet and in all of creation. The lack of love and the power of it all is manifest here in the physical world of flesh and feeling. You, children of light, feel this in your souls because you have opened up your sensitivity to the light of creation. You are no longer part of the lack of light. You have filled yourselves with the intention of oneness. You feel the power of your souls expanding, ever expanding. You have filled yourselves with the force of creation that is expanding the light in all there is.

All that exists is expanding now. In the deepest space of my consciousness, there is now a greater capacity for love to manifest. I am love, but beyond my immortal love is the capacity for you, the children of light, to love without limits. All of humankind will experience this limitless love, but you are the ones to bring it into the manifestation of the physical world. The infinite source of love is eternal and has always existed, but has it been able to be manifest on all levels of awareness, dimensions, and realms of physical existence?