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ET Scientist Seeks Out Unusual Life

ET Scientist Seeks Out Unusual Life Pleiadian Biologist through Robert Shapiro

Very well.

Welcome. Who are you?

I am a biologist, you would say. I'm not practicing as a scientist. I'm in a small vehicle, not too far from a planet you call Pluto. I happen to be passing with a few other vehicles. Is that good enough?

Sure. Where are you going?

I am going to a planet that has an unusual form of life. It looks a lot like stone when you approach it. Depending on what you're remembering or thinking about, it will transform into some version of that, either as a living being or a rendition of a living being or plant. And it will communicate in this way. I've heard about this, and so I'm traveling to see what that's about.

Sounds fascinating. Where are you from?

I'm from the Pleiades. I am from a planet we call Ti-can. You would spell it T-I, and you might put a dash, C-A-N or K-A-N, whatever — that same sound, though. If you spell it with a C, it sounds like a K.