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The Deeper Meaning of Commonly Used Terms

The Deeper Meaning of Commonly Used Terms Almine

Adoration is not fully understood because it is seen through the filter of duality. It is assumed to be an external focus on another — a deity or person for which excessive love is felt. Those of higher consciousness struggle with this concept because it seems like a forsaking of the self, a disempowering notion that could become a substitute for truly engaging in one's own life experiences.

Furthermore, the term "adoration in action" implies that acts of devotion are done for another to demonstrate the degree of adoration felt. Adoration is not a feeling; it is a condition of the cells that enables the will of the Divine to broadcast through them and to be interpreted into experience.

In someone of lower consciousness, the nucleus of the cell is small and round. The body of the cell, where cellular memory is stored, surrounds it. All components of the cell are contained within a membrane.