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Convert Knowledge to Wisdom

Convert Knowledge to Wisdom Stephanie Clement

May 2014 has its challenges, but it promises to have many more beneficial conditions than you need to be successful in your endeavors. Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon team up to provide conditions in which you maximize the contacts you have with siblings, partners, and associates in groups or the workplace. Communication becomes so natural that you almost forget arguments from the past that may have held you back from fully achieving your dreams or goals.

Because Mars is the planet of energy — and because Deimos, Mars's companion moon, is part of the primary astrological configuration — this month we will take a serious look at Lightning, the tarot card for Mars, and the King of Scepters, the card for Mars's sign, Aries. Then we will consider the three cards that represent the three divisions of Aries.


Lightning represents all situations in which we are willing to take risks. The card itself looks rather grim with the top of the pyramid breaking off and the human figures falling to the ground. The card serves as a warning that rash actions often lead to disaster.