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Activating Codes for the New Yuga

Activating Codes for the New Yuga Archangel Metatron through Rae Chandran

Angelic greetings to all. This is Archangel Metatron. My dearest fellow creators, it is time to step up into creating a new reality in this new timeline where you are in complete harmony with yourself. As you all are aware, the consciousness of the planet shifted again on the spring equinox of this year, and this shift is called "moving from the darkness to the light." It is also called "moving into a new Yuga" — a new timeline that will last a few thousand years. With this new shift, the veil has become thinner, and the communication and the connection with the fifth dimension have become easier. When intent combines with preparation and action, one can truly take advantage of this new time period. What do we mean by this — intent and preparation?

First of all, we can prepare for this shift by asking for and activating the Aquarian code within us. Each Yuga, or time period, has a specific code and a master associated with it. There are two beings of light who are overlighting this new Yuga, and they will be with Earth till the next phase of the new Yuga. You can call on these beings: Lord and Lady of Aquarius. They have a specific vibrational signature, and you can call for the integration of their specific light pertaining to this Earth plane for this time period. The color of their light frequency is a soft metallic yellow. See this light coming into your tenth chakra, which is way above your head, and then flowing through all your chakras before going into the body of Earth's spirit and grounding there. What is important to keep in mind while integrating this light is that you run it not only into your chakra column but also into your pranic tube. The next phase of your evolution comes from the pranic tube. Do this daily for a few minutes, and see the energy settling in and easily flowing — both in the chakras in the front and back and also in your pranic tube.

Activating Dormant Codes

The activation of the Aquarian code will act as a base for the activation of the other codes. What are these other codes? Human beings are made up of sound frequency and sacred geometry, and each sound frequency and bit of geometry contains a certain code. These codes lie dormant for eons of time until they are activated and worked with.