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Your Contribution to the Orchestra of Life

Your Contribution to the Orchestra of Life Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

First of all, it's important to understand that your personal cycles operate at the rate in the periodicity that is appropriate for who and what you are at all times, and they constantly intersect with and sometimes are amplified by larger, more significant cosmic cycles. When you look at life itself, you are looking at cycles that are oscillating, revolving, moving, and changing in such ways that there is a larger sense of rhythm, almost like a really large percussion band. Everyone may be playing at a different rhythm, but eventually there is some kind of coherency to all of the rhythms.

When you find yourself out of sorts, it oftentimes has more to do with your own personal rhythm not being harmonious or not especially resonating with the cosmic rhythm or larger rhythms that are in play. This is a pretty clear description of what is going on for many, many people in this year of 2013, because last year, everyone got destabilized. Nothing seemed to continue as it was. Everyone got short-circuited, transformed, changed, pushed, and moved somewhere other than where they had been accustomed to being.

Who Are You Right Now?

All of that shakeup means that almost no one is able to rely on their past sense of self. You have to create a sense of who you are on the fly, in the moment, with the ability to utilize all of your history and to incorporate everything that you've learned and everything that you know — but without the ability to be in a kind of default mode or to be asleep. You cannot just go on as you once went on. This cycle is designed to push you into the present moment — to push everyone into an experience of taking inventory on a moment-to-moment basis, and from that inventory, assemble a self that is going to function in that moment. Everyone's being compelled to do this.