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Who Are You Now?

Who Are You Now? Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We ask you, "Who are you now?" so that you may begin to gain a clearer perspective regarding what you have all gone through in these past decades. We will use linear terminology to remain clear, but we encourage you to remain loose in your attachment to concepts like straight lines, calendar demarcations, and clocks. Many of you are already stepping away from timelines and preconceived notions of aging.

What Just Happened?

What has happened to the galaxy is a natural thing but not a common occurrence. There are rhythms to the entire universe. Wave actions take place in many ways. We have compared the lack of creative and growth energy available on the planet in recent decades to a low, low tide such as you may experience at the shore of an ocean. What happens after a low, low tide? A rising tide, of course. This is where you are in the stream of time with an increased energetic availability for everyone on the planet. Indeed, this entire section of the galaxy will see more activity and kinetic movement.

This increase in energy comes at a point in the history of the family human when a great many of the population are about to move into the final years of their current incarnation on the planet. Rather than be disappointed by such a thing, those ones can begin to put into practice what they have learned and gained in their time here.