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Surfers on the Wave of Galactic Transformation

Surfers on the Wave of Galactic Transformation Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, once again I greet you, this time as the month of May dawns. Is it not glorious to witness a fresh season opening? As winter moves into spring in the Northern Hemisphere and summer toward autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, it is important to note that the midpoint of 2013 is quickly approaching. May each of you take comfort in the stability demonstrated by Earth as she navigates her annual seasonal cycle. Indeed, in times of rapid or radical shifting, the planet's stability is a beautiful sight to behold, is it not?

As you attend to the age now opening, what are you discovering about yourself, your spiritual path, and the requirements of the planet? The age is new — how about you? Are you diligently attending to the evolutional demands of the current time? Likely, most of you have noticed that there have been changes to negotiate in the unfolding of your personal paths in addition to the increasing velocity shifts for the planetary path. Take a moment to focus on the area you are currently being called to address. If you are maintaining your wakefulness, you are probably recognizing the necessity of maintaining attunement with higher mind.

Shaking Up Conventional Reality

An interesting evolutional phenomenon appears to be arising, one that will likely begin to push the envelope a bit for moving the planetary process into a higher evolutional gear. Indeed, you will likely want to pay rapt attention as the energies of 2013 come more sharply into focus. Put simply, the energetic connection between the physical plane and the spiritual plane has undergone some intense stimulation since 12–21–12.