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Shifting Your Perspective

Shifting Your Perspective The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We are so excited because, from where we are, we see shimmering, glimmering, sparkling light around the planet and around many other souls at this time. Many felt that the Mayan prophecies of 2012 were something that they were to anticipate and then forget about, when in fact what happened in December 2012 was a new portal opened that is birthing and making way for 2013 and beyond.

This new portal actually allows for swifter exit for those who choose to leave at this time. The future of the planet requires extra commitment and extra resolution from those who choose to stay incarnated on the planet at this time. Those who are happy to see the progress of the planet but do not have the commitment on the planet see their work as being of higher value off the planet and will make their exit at this time.

We never speak of exits or passing or shifting to create fear; we know that in the limited human construct, many people cannot see the expansiveness of shifting and exiting. The souls who are incarnate on the planet continue to do their work when they exit. They are freer, without the confines of the physical body, to send vibrational healing to the planet in condensed form in collaboration with other souls.