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Reconnect with Your Life Purpose

Reconnect with Your Life Purpose High Angel Pietre through Mercedes Kirkel

Blessings, dear ones, this is high angel Pietre — you may also call me Peter — and I would like to communicate with you today. I thank you all for inviting me here today, for holding space for me, for yourselves, and for all beings. This is a beautiful space of love and blessing that you have created, and it is wonderful that you are doing this. I acknowledge you, thank you, and support you in this. I particularly thank you for making space for one of the higher beings to come through, and for allowing me to come through and to talk to you.

We Connect through Words and Energy

I am mostly interested in being with you, in having this time of connecting with you and sharing with you in what you might call an energetic way. I have blessings to bring to you, and they do not require words. They simply require my connection with you and my communion with you, which I feel and that we are already engaging together.

As you more and more move into higher consciousness and the higher dimensions associated with being in higher consciousness, you will find less and less of a need for words and verbal communication. Those of us who are already living in these higher dimensions rarely use words. We are able to connect in a different way that has more of an energy basis. So, for me, it is more natural to connect with you in this energetic way.