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Old Soul Tool Kit for 2013

Old Soul Tool Kit for 2013 Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. As many times as we do this, there are those who wonder, "Is the man still in his body?" [Channel's Note: Kryon is speaking of Lee here.] Of course he is, but his consciousness is split. Now, some would say, "I knew it! This makes him a candidate for a psychologist." [Laughs.] But it is not that kind of split. Each of you has the ability to do what you see here, but it does not have to be in this form. There is a new energy beginning to form on the planet, and we are starting to discuss it gradually. If you have arrived on this page, it would be good for you to review last month's channeling. There is information there that ties into this message.1

What to Expect

One week ago, we gave you information regarding what to expect in this new era. Some weeks before that, we told you some of the inventions to look forward to. But in the process of Human evolvement, it is inevitable that some of you will channel. This kind of channeling does not have to be in public or in front of other Human Beings. It can be done only for yourself. It can be what some have previously called "automatic writing," but different.

By the way, there's nothing "automatic" about it. It's not something that just happens — it is you stepping aside, and in the privacy of your own existence, finding the sacred part of you and being able to channel that which is inside you. Some of you will not find an entity with a name at all; rather, you will start channeling pieces and parts of your own divinity. You will call it channeling, but it's really communicating with your higher self. It's you getting in touch with the core soul that is also you. But it will look like channeling, and it will be.