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The Old Shackles Continue to Fall

The Old Shackles Continue to Fall Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Beloveds, is it not a momentous occasion to be on Earth at this precious apex in your evolution as a species? Yet many of you do not see the changes of Earth all that much. Why? Some are becoming discouraged as old thought-forms and beliefs continue to cloud your vision of what you can truly create in this new energy of change.

Understand, dear ones, that you have created this change and the energy gathers round to serve you in ways that you cannot fathom if only you will surrender the old perceptions that have defined you as limited humans. Now what does this mean? The veil between the realities of your true hearts as beings of love is thinning exponentially, which means that each one of you can have greater access now to your higher mind and heart. They can truly be your vanguards if you step out of your own way.

Clearing Old Patterns

Millennia of human thought patterns and consciousness have shaped your perceptions as humans, and those elements influence you across time, dear ones. Not only are you dealing with the consciousness of Earth as it begins to clear these old, old patterns, but you are also clearing the old ways of thinking across time. What is time but a revisiting of the past and bringing it into the present when you choose to see life as a linear progression of thought and attitude? The reality is that time is circular and spirals. That is why you seem to have cleared out the old. You think that you are finally free of the vexing bugaboos that have kept you in a sea of doubt, only to be enmeshed once again with the old chains of belief as they spiral anew from the past into your reality asking for even more release.