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Navigating in the Dark

Navigating in the Dark Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Welcome and greetings, my beautiful beings of light. It seems that traversing change is a concern to you now. [Smiles.] All is as it should be. Although many of you still feel nothing has changed in your physical, visual world, you can tell that something is very different in your sensing world. Perhaps you just can't put your physical finger right on the reason of uncertainty you are experiencing.

Changing the visual picture your brain perceives will be awhile in coming, for your physical visual world is not the world of Spirit or Source. It is time to experience the world behind your physical eyes. The world of Spirit sees this moment in now as a new fresh breath of air that is asking you to choose again. Mass consciousness has been on its negative path for eons, and now mass consciousness is being asked to clear the decks for a more divine playing field.

Remembering Your True Spiritual Essence

Your own spiritual abilities are changing moment by moment. You might feel as if you are wading into unknown waters. These abilities really are not unknown, as you have had them from your moment of original birth into the universe. They are part of the standard spiritual-birthing attributes that each entity is gifted with the moment they burst forth and see the Creator for the very first time. Ah, yes! You each were birthed into a celestial setting before you ever ventured off into incarnated life on any other plane or planet of existence.