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Matriarchal Domination Peaks in 2013

Matriarchal Domination Peaks in 2013 Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Greetings, your world is undergoing quite a lot of transformation, and while worldly issues create great consternation, I would ask you to help others be aware of the need to begin spring cleaning. By spring cleaning, I mean that if humankind is to create a greater shift toward peace, love, and truth, the next few coming months will create experiences and opportunities for everyone to clear their karmic debts and clear away those issues that keep being avoided.

Breaking Down Old Patriarchal Energies

Due to the fluctuations of energies, the males of the species will experience feelings of being confined and unable to move forward. The males will have great resistance to any form of discipline or authority, so this may herald a time of emotional upheaval for some.

As the energies of the feminine begin to grow on the Earth plane, females will feel the need to move forward, and overcome their fears, and they will no longer willingly be confined, controlled, or dominated. This means that the battle of the sexes will be prominent in your world as the new way of love and understanding breaks down the old patriarchal energies built on fear and control.