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The Living Alphabet

The Living Alphabet Angeline Welk

The opening letter of the alphabet in its design informs you that the destiny of your evolution is represented by a star. In its triad shape, this star symbolizes pure consciousness. The alphabet letters following the Star A offer you the wisdom, character qualities, and knowledge that allow your identity to be realized as a divine being.

The androgynous nature of the Star A is demonstrated by the beginning feminine upward movement, the masculine downward movement, and the bridge of connection between these two polarities. The ascending curve is a movement of aspiration. The descending straight line is a movement of power and strength, bringing to you the rays of light from the archetype that assists you in being or manifesting that which you desire. The diagonal line connects the power of the masculine to the aspiration of the feminine. The movement continues to the right, a forward direction for the expression or experience of your aspiration.

While the Star A is your initial connection to the archetype of the letter, its helpfulness to you relies on your honesty, being true to your insights, inspirations, and intuitions. It is paying attention to what is taking place in your mind and heart. It is also being aware of what your body is telling you.