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The Key to Timelessness

The Key to Timelessness The Arcturians through Almine

It is said in the archives of long-forgotten records that Earth once passed through the Arcturian star system on its way to its present solar system. When it was repelled by Arcturus, it left its moon behind. The existing moon of Earth is an artificial satellite.

In these records are two prophecies telling of a time when the Arcturians will come to share their messages freely in order to benefit humanity. There will be a sign that will alert them that the time for selective but open contact has arrived. It will be the remembrance by humanity of an ancient symbol to open the navel area and purify the life-force center.

This symbol, the wheel, has been kept by the Arcturians in their revered places for eons beyond count. The wheel of great power has now been brought again into the remembrance of humanity.