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Jubilation: You Are One with the Creator

Jubilation: You Are One with the Creator All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be and Jesus through Elliott Eli Jackson

It is a privilege to bring any message from Source to this magazine for dissemination to the masses. This month is special to me on a personal level. All words of wisdom and light uplift the human spirit; however, this one is from the spirit that resided in Jesus.

What I Have Done, You Will Do on a Far Greater Scale

Yes, to be sure, the message that I always gave continues to be given by lightworkers all over your Earth. The heavens, as you understand the term, are in celebration and jubilation. The day of December 21, 2012, did in fact signify something. It signified a growth in numbers of those who are beginning to come to remembrance. They are remembering my words of truth spoken so long ago.

My message was and continues to be that what I have done, you will do on a far greater scale. And you have done things that I, during my time, could only dream of. For I knew, because of the wonderful spirit that resides in you, great things would be accomplished. I knew that many of you would come to a place of acceptance of your sacred selves and the importance of your relationships with your others. I knew that many would begin to stand up against oppressions and injustices. I knew that many would come to understand the connection between themselves and the animal kingdom. I knew that many would become healers and seekers of light.