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Illuminate Your Lives and Free Yourselves from Fear

Illuminate Your Lives and Free Yourselves from Fear Eliazar through Riz Mirza

I am Eliazar. We have come this evening to speak of illumination. There is inner illumination occurring on every level of your lives at every moment, whether or not you are aware of it.

The Eternal Battle of Ego Mind and Spirit

You have come to understand that there is a spirit — a higher self who you are — and the great battle of contrast here is with the ego. You are on a quest to annihilate this thing. You wish to kill it at every turn, and yet the very nature of this thing, this ego, is that it morphs into something else. The source from which this ego sprang is eternal, so perhaps another ego will replace the one you have annihilated.

You might find it very frustrating to have a life where both words — mind and ego — are interchangeable, where the ego mind, or the shadow mind, is undermining every word, thought, and action in your life. This is the shadow that we are referring to. The conscious mind has a purpose and many qualities that are in fact self-evident, but let us examine them this evening. It is the conscious mind that perceives, analyzes data, processes it, and makes certain decisions.