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I Am the Mother of Compassion

I Am the Mother of Compassion Mother Mary through Judith K. Moore

I am Mother Mary, my children. I speak to you now with love. I speak to you as a mother would speak to her children. I call to you now as a time of great urgency, a time of great power and promise comes to your planet. Your light feeds the world with the manna of mother's milk, and you must think of this, my beloved children of light. Bring this to your heart and know it to be true.

The Urgent Need for Clear Perception and Deep Compassion

Compassion is called for now on the deepest level of your soul. A great compassion is called for now, for the world shall be healed by your love and your compassion. Through you flows the manna of life that is the miracle. Look about you, precious children. See each other in the light of innocence with grace. Embrace each other and embrace the stranger that frightens you most. Now I call to you to stand present in your light. Every moment, stand for truth and be cautious — be cautious of your perceptions, lest they become distorted by your own sense of despair or inadequacy. When your perception is not that of compassion, the heart is betrayed, as you know.

When your perception is a clear vision from the God source of your heart, then and only then may you see with the eyes that pierce illusion and stand forth for the liberation of light, for the freedom of all souls and beings, and for those truths that sustain peace. You are the seers. Do not close your eyes to injustice, but in opening your eyes, open your heart, thus allowing others to see. I call to you now to truly be disciples of the Christ principle and bring yourself to love without end. As you see the mirror of yourself, be strong with yourself but gentle. Be strong with others but gentle, and thus grace will live in the world. Now in these times of uncertainty, grace will flourish among you like a rose giving forth the beautiful light.