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Find the Mind of God Within Your Own Mind

Find the Mind of God Within Your Own Mind Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Good morning to you all. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. We begin this morning on a subject that we will call "Mindmeaning." This will be a series of talks and lessons that will engender many side topics of discussion, many different avenues of thought, and thus many opportunities for discussion and growth. Today, let us begin with talking about the human mind and the larger concept of Mind — with a capital M — a direct reference to the Mind of God, or the Cosmic Mind of All That Is, however you may think of it in your own perception. We contast the human mind — with a lowercase m — to the enlargement and unfoldment of that perception as you continue along your individual soul path.

Within your initial perception of the God Mind lies a seedcore of the Divine Mind that will, at some crucial point on your path, unfold and reveal itself in beautiful splendor and majesty at the right moment in your life. At this time, it will signal a stepping forward of the oversoul, the larger aspect of the ka, as talked about in ancient Egyptian texts. It is a beautiful process and quite a profound step forward. It is a stepping up of your abilities, talents, and energies, including the expansion and innate connection of not only the mind/Mind connection but what is now called the sacred heart/sacred mind connection. It is an integral and profound melding of the two, which are now one in every sense.

To begin, you simply need to understand that the Mindmeaning process begins with you sincerely seeking — especially in the beginning — to attempt to fathom not only an understanding of the meaning on the surface of it but to also try to delve deeper within the recesses of your own human mind to find the core of your God/Cosmic Mind. It is ever waiting there — not only to be perceived and uncovered, but also for its hidden stores of meaning to be revealed and activated in the human experience, in your own time and place, when you are truly ready for the big step that all must and will want to make in their own lifetime for spiritual upliftment, attunement, and ascension.