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Experience Your Mastery

Experience Your Mastery Rhonda Smith

May 2013 (29/11/2) is a month of being the spiritual light messenger and teacher that you are. There will be an underlying focus and intensity for the entire month that will assist you to help uplift humankind. You can easily connect to your higher guidance for direction as long as you remember to be quiet and reflective, allowing insights, revelations, and visions to come to you.

There is a master vibration now, and life might be a bit intense this month. This will help you remember your power and the fact that you volunteered to come back to help of your own volition. You will have experiences that will require sudden and significant decisions. Your sensitivity and awareness will be heightened with these energies, enabling you to "see" where you want to go. Your goal now is to stay in balance as the master messenger/teacher by being aware of the reality of duality without getting caught up in the details.

May 1 to May 4, 2013 (99/18/9)

This is the time of the highest love master energy, the universal love master. It is an opportunity to use your controlled spiritual love energy to give service to all humankind. You have a great deal of responsibility to treat humankind with love through the choices you make. Release all attachments and love and forgive with impersonal unconditional love. You reach a point of consciousness mastership in which you totally serve the planet and understand the wholeness of all life. You are now the example and the master teacher of universal love on the material plane.