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The Dolphins Are Distributing Awakening Energy

The Dolphins Are Distributing Awakening Energy Dolphin Deva through Robert Shapiro

Dolphin Deva.

Dolphin Deva — that's a new one. Welcome.

Migrating Dolphins Are Distributing Awakening Energy

There is curiosity about the migration patterns of so many dolphins. Let me see what's going on. It does not seem sensible to people because, very often, a dolphin goes this way, then that way. But what is happening is that dolphins are distributing energy. It's not so much that they are going somewhere, but I'm calling it a "migration pattern," because that's how it is being perceived, you see.

In order to contribute to speeding up the awakening of you human beings to your natural state, the emanation of energy to support that is being broadcast in this fashion. You know that if you were to go out and run around the block, your energy would be going out. And some people do this just to feel better. But in the case of fifty, eighty, one hundred thousand dolphins doing this, a tremendous amount of energy goes out — they are very energetic beings. This goes well beyond the area where this latest video was taped. So it would spread not only through Southern California, but also northern Mexico. It would eventually migrate energetically to Southern Arizona and, to a lesser degree, points north of the areas mentioned. However, there have been other emanations from dolphins — and sometimes whales, but whales are not in large enough number to do this anymore — further up the coast in the area of California. Partly this is because many dolphins feel welcomed by people who live in California. And this extends into Baja, California, as well. There are many people there who like or love dolphins. So the area is considered to be relatively safe for dolphins to do this.

The impact of this, at least in those areas, will be that the people there will have an opportunity — if their souls agree, as well as their angels, guides, and teachers — to reclaim their natural spirit capabilities about one and a half times as fast as the rest of the world. There is hope that this seeding of energy will help to bring about normalization of the stress point associated with the need level for human beings to wake up spiritually. This need level is very, very high, but the process of transformation, while it is faster than it once was, is still very slow.