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Be Your Own Light

Be Your Own Light Donna Taylor

How many of us are guilty of putting off our dreams? How many of us think, "One day ..." instead of, "Today is the day I will start to take a step toward my miracle"? It's easy to understand why this happens. Firstly, getting from where we are now to the point where we want to be seems like too big a step, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Whether it's setting up a business, sitting down to start writing a book, or overhauling our physical well-being and fitness, it's much easier to think, "I'll start tomorrow." Secondly, we may have to contend with a lack of approval from others. Indeed, they may even pour doubt or scorn on our dreams, or we may be guilty of sabotaging ourselves with hidden beliefs of not being good enough or fear of failure.

As the month of May begins, it might be timely to consider what you could be putting off and why. Is fear or doubt stopping you from achieving your goals? If you feel like you want to move forward with something but can't, whether it's due to external circumstances blocking you or your own lack of motivation, take a moment to see what might be really holding you back. Whether it's something relatively small — like wanting to make progress with a project at home or work — or something as grand as the manifestation of your personal fairy tale, it will help to remind yourself that anything is possible if you believe it is and you're prepared to take enough action to make it happen.

It will be easy during May to feel stuck and restricted, to think that life isn't flowing in the direction that you'd like and that progress is slow, if not nonexistent. But really, whatever blocks and frustrations occurring in your life are most likely mirrors of your own inner doubts and fears. By confronting those fears and asking yourself if you really believe you're entitled to whatever it is you might be dreaming of, you might then find you can make progress. So my advice to everyone during the first week in May is to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.