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Your Horoscope and Your Health

Your Horoscope and Your Health Joanna Woolfolk


For optimum well-being, you need exercise. You have an abundance of energy that, unused, will become blocked and make you depressed. Inactivity slows down your thinking and makes you feel your life is out of balance. You’re like a racehorse that needs to stay in prime running condition. Exercise will keep your body toned, your mind alert, and your spirits joyful. Aries rules the head, and you’re prone to ailments such as headaches and eyestrain. You can cope by being vigilant about what triggers your disorders. Often, too, your head swirls with a clutter of confused thoughts. Slow down so that you don’t suffer physical and mental exhaustion. Aries tend to be accident prone — be aware of mishaps waiting to happen and take precautions. For example, use a pot holder or wear a helmet. In general, Aries are exceedingly strong in health and vitality, which you can maintain by eating a balanced diet. You have excellent muscle coordination and are noted for your energetic sexuality.


Movement is your key to well-being. Taurus is the sign that can get most stuck in place — mentally, emotionally, and certainly physically. Putting on excess weight will always be a problem because you enjoy good food and love desserts. A diet low in fat, sugar, and starch is particularly important to fight the battle of the bulge. You also have a tendency to be inactive, for you like to indulge yourself in comfort rather than exercise. You must push yourself because, with indolence and too much poundage, you’ll slide into emotional despondency. Even a ten-minute walk every day will work wonders. Try dancing or dance exercise; Taurus is an artistic sign that is drawn to music, and any exercise you do to music is greatly beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit. Taurus rules the throat and neck, and you are prone to colds and sore throats. Make sure your neck is warm, eat sensibly, and keep moving. You have amazingly strong health!