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The Soul’s Imbalanced Patterns

The Soul’s Imbalanced Patterns Three Johns through Nansea Lee

Dear ones, you are here to learn about yourselves. When you incarnate, you have opportunities throughout your life to balance what has been out of balance from your prior lives and this life. It takes conscious effort on your part to work with your imbalanced mental and emotional patterns. The mental and emotional body resides with the physical body when you are incarnated. Transforming your unconscious patterns assists you in the ascension process and helps your soul to evolve. When you leave your body, the emotional and mental imbalanced patterns are imprinted as part of your energetic signature. Working with the emotional and mental body while incarnated is one key in the ascension process.

Out-of-Balance Patterns

Every one of you has out-of-balance mental and emotional patterns that are part of your soul’s history and energetic signature. When you are on a spiritual path, working on your inner healing and balancing is part of your journey and the reason you incarnated. As you work to dissolve imbalanced patterns, your soul gains more freedom of expression. The ego is attached to many of these unbalanced patterns and it is the one that reacts with those knee jerks. When the wounded ego is addressed, many of your emotions are balanced.

Each soul chooses the family that it is born into. Most families operate from limited dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns. Your soul brought into this life your imbalanced patterns and then, living with the family you grew up with, other dysfunctional patterns were incurred. These patterns keep you further away from the core of your soul.