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A Push to Become Who You Are Meant to Be

A Push to Become Who You Are Meant to Be Donna Taylor

There is a very yin-yang feel to the month of May. For the first three weeks, the Sun and Jupiter travel side by side, which creates a very expansive, jovial, and optimistic energy. Here we have the yang as we will naturally feel more inclined to push outward and experience more than normal. This is particularly good for Taurus as the conjunction occurs in the sign of the bull, and wherever it occurs in your own chart is where you will be feeling more confident, optimistic, and open to possibilities than normal. There is great capacity for enjoyment, and for as long as these two are together, there should by and large be an easygoing, positive flavor to life. But as every positive contains a negative, so we too need to be aware of the Sun and Jupiter’s tendency for over-optimism and lack of realism. In the sign of Taurus it suddenly becomes very easy to forget about tomorrow leading us to spend too much, overeat, drink more than is healthy, and forget that our self-indulgent actions have consequences. So as long as we can remember the virtues of moderation, we can enjoy what this optimistic duo promises: namely opportunity, happy developments, travel, adventure, and a sense that anything is possible.

This transit takes place during the first three weeks of May, and running alongside this are two other positive planetary pairings: Venus trine Saturn and Mars trine Pluto. The first is great if you want to develop a relationship or bring constructive changes to your love life. It’s also beneficial if you have any artistic talents that you want to manifest into concrete reality, so May is definitely the month to develop your watercolor skills. The Mars-Pluto trine is a very powerful combination of energies that is fantastic if you want to get things done. For the ambitious, tapping into this passionate duo will enable you to make your mark on the world, to initiate or complete projects, and to be assertive.

Balancing Different Energies

All these planetary pairings come to a peak during the second week as they form a double grand trine that makes the shape of a six-pointed star. Obviously this is a very special configuration and accessing the gifts that it contains simply requires an inner focus while these energies are peaking. Therefore, I would recommend a spot of meditation or quiet contemplation on May 12 and 13, and as you tune in to yourself and focus on the oneness of the universe, you may experience a shift in consciousness. I believe that this six-pointed star is about balancing the male and female energies — the yin and the yang — so we each have the opportunity to bring inner balance and harmony to our inner selves, and that regardless of whether we are male or female, we have the capacity to be both gentle and powerful, nurturing and dynamic, and sensitive to others and assertive for our own needs.