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One Life, Origination, and the Path of Return

One Life, Origination, and the Path of Return Dwhal Khul through Catherine Weser

We begin by simply suggesting the path of return as a topic for all of you to start to understand your motivation for incarnation. As we see it, there is but one whole, complete source of energy that we would simply call “one life.” This is where all energy emanates from. There is no matter, no form, no experience, no emotion, and no substantiality. There is simply a particular quality of energy that we call one life.

From one life all life emerges and takes its form as a spark of that light. While it can be difficult to express such understandings clearly — as they are not really expressible in words — we will simply continue to transmit information designed to shift your thoughts and beliefs. That holographic spark of living light from which we call the one life is motivated to incarnate through creative forces. That spark — not separate from one life — is you.

So each of you was motivated to incarnate, to take form. And what was the form that you were motivated to take? Was it to take just the form of this human vehicle? Was it to take the form of the human vehicle on Earth? Or was it to be the entirety of all creation? The question is: Who are you, really? And why did you incarnate in this body, this planet, this universe? What about all the other lifetimes? And why, at the conclusion of a lifetime, would it seem that you return to a place that we call a point of origination?