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Maintaining a High Vibration: Managing Worry and Fear

Maintaining a High Vibration: Managing Worry and Fear Melchizedek through Randy Monk

Greetings, beloveds. When basic needs are barely met or you are faced with other life challenges, you are in a perfect space to raise your vibration. Your first inclination may be to get caught up in fear. We invite you to look at your predicament in a new light, from a different perspective. First of all, we suggest that you embrace the fear rather than avoid it. Fear is merely energy — a vibration, a thought form. As a human, you have the ability to change your thought forms and thereby change your feelings, which will change your vibration and your connection with All That Is. This may not be an easy task when you first attempt it, but it will become easier as you put it into practice more often.

Challenges Are Opportunities

What you have with challenging situations are opportunities. Challenging situations are opportunities to increase your vibration. You are never given a problem without the solution. The solutions to your challenges are always available. Of course, if you are focusing on the challenge, you may not see the solution, so it is paramount that you focus on the solution. As you focus on it, you will receive guidance, which can come from many different sources. If you are able to see images, you may get a mental picture of a solution. It may come in the form of an idea. The solution may come from something a friend tells you. It can come from anywhere, so we ask that you remain vigilant, remain aware, and be present.

You are moving through a time of unprecedented opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development. We encourage you to embrace your power and accept your role as the powerful human you are. We ask that you accept your role as the powerful spiritual being you are. Of course, we ask this only if it feels appropriate for you.