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Love Has No Limits

Love Has No Limits Swami Sachidananda through Carol Sydney

Hello, my beloved brethren and divine sisterhood. Welcome, welcome. Come in and sit. Today we are discussing the force of love in an undying universe whose power is endless and whose intense desire to give of itself is its primary goal. Nothing else need be said about the power of love that hasn’t already been said in your books of poets and lovers of grace.

Let us think of how it is that love is not fiction but as solid as a granite structure, and yet as flowing as a river to the ocean. Such is love; its nature is such that it can penetrate the toughest challenge and loudest noise so that peace and tranquility reign forever. This can only be if you allow love to act through you and give itself to others. In this way you become love. This cannot be done in a vacuum. It must be done in a being whose soul is willing and whose nature is also love itself. Self-love is, of course, the primary essence of your state of being. This means you will be as strong as stone and as yielding as water. It is the ultimate paradox. Dive in!

The Nature of Self-Love

For the moment, let us consider the nature of self-love and how it operates in a human being. It is not that this feat is done easily, oh no — especially when you have had millennia of training in self-effacement and self-denial. Such a raising of the body of purpose on this planet is not to be discussed, but rest assured, we will cover this teaching in another lesson. Though this difficulty remains for you, grace will topple it in an instant when you surrender and receive grace of the Divine Feminine.