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Integrating into the New Energetic Levels

Integrating into the New Energetic Levels Kuthumi and Lord Hilarion through Lynette Leckie-Clark

I, Kuthumi, and Lord Hilarion come to share with you knowledge, peace, and love. We here are all aware of the stirrings of the great energy Gaia — Earth — as she seeks to cleanse old energies and prepare for the new. This is similar to what humankind must also undertake. Some have begun, some are merely thinking about the whole idea, and others have completed, let go, and are ready and waiting to step into the new energy fields almost upon you. Lord Hilarion will continue.

So we are gathered offering our assistance for “as above, so below” to become complete reality for all. To help you ease comfortably into the new energies, I wish to take you back to your childhood. This was a time when you could play, have fun, freely laugh, and also cry when you fell or were hurt by another’s words. As you cried, you innocently released the pain. Then it was gone and very soon you were playing and laughing again. This was a time of being always present without thoughts of responsibility, pressure, or control. You were simply present, concerned with what you wanted at each moment. That want could be a ball, a drink, or just to explore the world of your own backyard. Do you remember?

Play Make-Believe

Do you remember when you played the game of make-believe? What fun that was. You daydreamed about everything and believed it would come true. You created wonderful pictures in your mind about things you wanted and how you wished things to be in your world. Remember? I’d like you to remember how you totally trusted and believed in the creation of your daydreams, how focused you were playing make-believe.