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A Doorway Is Now Open!

A Doorway Is Now Open! Vywamus through Sheila Simon

As we enter the next phase of this transformational year of awakening, the night sky is guiding us with symbolic images through the convergence of planets and stars. As we witness these configurations on a monthly basis, they are visually imprinting within us new portals of galactic energies — a dance the cosmos and your universe have been waiting to share with you for many centuries.

The Rhythms and Patterns of Life on Earth Will Be Changing

Just as you download information into all of the technology available to you at this time, these night sky configurations are also downloading cosmic information into every cell in your body. Your vibrational essence is expanding beyond the speed of light. Mother Earth, minerals, plants, and animals will also be adapting to this new cellular information as this process unfolds.

As you assimilate these new encodings of light that are beckoning in a more peaceful time on your planet, you will find the rhythm of life — the changes of seasons, the migratory patterns of animals, and the planting and harvesting of plants — will be altered. It is important not to project a negative assessment of these changes but rather allow yourself to gently adapt and also support all life to transmute the old way of being into a new way of sustaining life.