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Birthing Your Essene Heart

Birthing Your Essene Heart The Essene Brethren through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

With a great and glorious hello, we welcome you to a bountiful recognition. We are here to share with you an understanding that a new time is at hand. Yet what is new has always been, and what has always been is ready to be understood, discovered, and revealed again.

In the time between 1930 and 1946, there were energies that were discovered, re-examined, listened to, discarded, feared, energized, polarized, loved, understood, and misunderstood. The time is now in your world for the missing books of the Essene to be revealed again. We have waited for this moment of vibrational expression to begin this reunion of wisdom for thee. In the 1940s during the end of a war that was called the Second, a great discovery was made and then hidden because of fear. It was the lost books of the Essene. These books exist in your world and have been hidden because of fear. Yet it is only through fear that true energy can come forward with clarity. You must look at fear. You must be clear through your fear.

In 1943, which was three years of linear time prior to the revelation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, these books were found. These books were then burned many years later so that they could never be present to dispute that which is held as truth, as many of the sacred books of your world of the ancient mysteries have found their home in fire. Yet through fire there is a transmutation of energy that opens up portals of reunified wisdom. This wisdom then exists in a stream of vibrational consciousness and fields waiting for you.